What exactly is a micro wedding?

Micro weddings, which started as a way to get married during the pandemic, have more recently become a wedding trend that’s here to stay. Given the ever-inflated cost of living these days and the headaches that often accompany planning a wedding, micro weddings just seem to make sense. With less than 30 guests, smaller venues and a focus on incredible food, more couples are ditching the big guest lists and burnt out credit cards and instead, are opting for a smaller affair with their closest loved ones, saving money and creating more personalised and memorable celebrations.

Been there, forgot that.

We’ve all heard it before, the married couple recalling their wedding day, saying how fast it flew by and that they barely had a chance to talk to everyone. Well, with a micro wedding, you can forget the fleeting hugs and passing comments. You can forget about the distant relatives and friends of friends complaining about the food or drinking the bar dry. Instead, enjoy a scaled-down celebration that features all the time-honoured traditions of a classic wedding, but on a more personal and intimate level.

Nothing ‘micro’ about it

Just because you have fewer people at your wedding, doesn’t mean it can’t be an unforgettable experience. In fact, less people means more budget to splurge on the finer touches to make your wedding day a memorable occasion, one that you actually have the time to enjoy. Unlike large scale weddings and the incredible amount of planning and preparation that goes into them, micro weddings have the advantage of having less to worry about, and more time to create an intimate and meaningful experience that focuses on quality, over quantity.

Go micro at Miss Midgely’s

If you’re looking for a unique and cosy wedding venue, located in the heart of suburban Brisbane, Miss Midgely’s has been designed with your micro wedding in mind. Combining modern amenities, with old-world charm, Miss Midgely’s pride themselves on the finer details and offer boutique accommodation, in one of Brisbane’s oldest heritage houses. Featuring a pool precinct, a private courtyard and pet-friendly accommodation for 18 people, all you need to make your special day memorable, is under the one roof. Take the stress out of your day knowing that you and your guests don’t have to go anywhere. Instead, spend it creating memories and lifelong experiences with your loved ones.

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